Welcome to the 2024 Millets Maize Maze!

This year is our 27th annual Millets Maize Maze and what an epic olympian maze have we got for you… With three maize mazes to explore, games to complete, go-karts to ride, hay bales to climb, obstacles courses to compete on, role play areas to get creative in and many more games to play and exploring to do… Are you ready to race into the fun with Cornley this summer? If you’re looking for a clue as to where all the games boards are, then click here to jump down the page!

The Games

With your games booklet and pack provided on entry, there are a number of games for you to complete as you make your way through the maze and surrounding area. The games boards located throughout the maze complex will explain how to play, but here’s a quick overview to get you started:

Snap or Splash

Within our fort maze find the 5 water sport quiz boards. Choose your answer to each question, then head to the solution board through the Fort Maze exit to find out your racing rank... will you avoid the snaps?

Duck 'n' Dive

Head to the tractor wood for this game where you need to look for each of the diving judges and tally their scores in the chart on your booklet. Which dive has the highest score?

Bat 'n' Ball

Find all six balls in the middle wood and match them to the bats in your booklet. Use the stampers to put the ball into the correct spaces to complete the maze!

Karate Khaos

Within our castle, spin all of the spinners to collect the coloured belts. How many spins did it take to get each colour? Write it down in your booklet!

Chicks Might Fly

In the midi maze, find all 10 of the chicks, then stick their matching sticker to the correct jump height in your booklet. Whoever is leftover is your highest jumping chick!


Two ways to play... either locate the centre of the mega maze and stamp your booklet or find all 10 pigathlon boards located throughout the maze and stick the correct score sticker onto the board in your booklet.

Moove for Medals

Search around the courtyard for the medal quiz boards. When you find one, perform the mooove and then emboss the medal onto your booklet.

Count Cornley

Head into the Mini Maze to find Cornley in his many different costumes! Tick them off as you see them, how many will you find?

Finger Fortune

Explore the Whimsical Woods and whilst you're there play our Finger Fortune Game to discover your olympic sport.

Find your way around

There’s so much to explore during your day here at the Millets Maize Maze! Here’s a map of the area to help you locate each game and activity.

Where to next?

After your fun-packed day at the Millets Maize Maze, there’s still plenty of fun to be had around site throughout the Summer holidays…

Farmyard Golf

Head down to Farmyard Adventure Golf and enjoy a round of our 18-hole farm themed course.



Sprouts Play Barn

Head over to Sprouts Play Barn and explore their huge 4-tier play frame and new outdoor play area. Booking in advance is essential for this one!



Millets Wildside

Millets Wildside is home to many incredible animals and birds of prey. Book onto one of their experiences or just enjoy working your way through their enclosures and watching the flying display.



Traditional Fairground Rides

Head out to the animal walkway and you will also discover the traditional carousel and ferris wheel, plus the new Jungle Thriller ride.