Welcome to Farmer Carters!

Join us this Easter to enjoy some outdoor family fun with Farmer Carter and this year, he’s getting back to nature. With six games to complete, go-karts to ride, hay bales to climb, obstacles courses to compete on, role play areas to get creative in and many more games to play and exploring to do… Are you ready to jump on in to the fun this Easter?

The Games

As well as the board games, the fete games, the whimsical woods, the places to climb, create and explore… there are also six games for you to complete around the event area with the help of your booklet given on arrival. Here’s a brief summary of each game and how to play:


Look Up!

In the courtyard birdhouse you will find pictures of 6 birdhouses, use the clues to identify which bird lives where and then stamp them into the correct space in the booklet.


Track Record

Within the castle search for six different animal tracks, then use the embossers to put the footprint in the correct space on your booklet, matching them up to the animals.

Bugs Strife

Within the courtyard there are nine bugs to find. Once you find one compare it to the bugs in your booklet and circle all the differences that you can spot.

Pond Life

Head into the middle woods and help Farmer Carter to find all of the adult creatures and then using the stickers, match them to their baby in your booklet.

Squirrel Away

In the fort maze you will find pictures of different trees, with a leaf and a nut photo. Using the stickers provided match the nut to the correct leaf, ready for the squirrels to store away!

It's A Milkshake

In the tractor woods seek out all the different ingredients, then spin the spinner to decide if it should be added to your milkshake. There are 10 to find... will your milkshake be yummy or yucky?

Find your way around

There’s so much to explore during your three hour play session here at Farmer Carters! Here’s a map of the area to help you locate each game and activity.

Where to next?

Once your adventure at Farmer Carters has finished, there’s still plenty of fun to be had here at Millets Farm over Easter…

Farmyard Golf

Head down to Farmyard Adventure Golf and enjoy a round of our 18-hole farm themed course.



Sprouts Play Barn

Head over to Sprouts Play Barn and explore their huge 4-tier play frame and new outdoor play area. Booking in advance is essential for this one!



Millets Wildside

Millets Wildside is home to many incredible animals and birds of prey. Book onto one of their experiences or just enjoy working your way through their enclosures and watching the flying display.



Carousel & Ferris Wheel

Head out to the animal walkway and you will also discover the traditional carousel and ferris wheel. The perfect way to complete your day out here at Millets Farm!