Millets Farm is truly homegrown and has been run by the Carter family since 1952. With over 500 acres of farmland, we are still very much committed to our farming heritage and growing our own fruit and vegetables remains central to our business.

Over 70 years later, two generations of the family now manage the farm centre on a day-to-day basis and we take great pride in providing a very unique destination – we love nothing more than bringing you the freshest produce, whipping up delicious food and providing great days out for the whole family which we hope you enjoy visiting time and time again.

The fourth generation of the Carter family

Our history so far

From our early days as a dairy farm to the multi-attraction, varied site that you will find here today. From new developments, landscaping and welcoming multiple partners to the site, we’ve remained commited to our core values and can’t wait to continue adding many more steps to the story of Millets Farm.

Use the arrows on the timeline to scroll through a summary of our story so far

Millets Farm Purchased

Millets Farm was purchased by newly weds John and Christine Carter and was originally a 300 acre dairy farm.

A Family Run Farm

Nigel and Tony Carter joined the business. That summer the PYO opened.

Farm Shop

The Millets Farm Shop opens and starts selling our homegrown and local produce.

Garden Centre Opens

The Frosts family worked alongside the Carter family until 2022 when they handed over the management of the Garden Centre to Webbs.

Growing and growing...

As the site gets busier the existing Farm Shop and Farmhouse Restaurant were built.

World Record Breaking Maze

Our seasonal events calendar has become a major part of our attraction. Did you know we were the first in the country to plant a maize maze in 1997?

The Next Generation

Nigel's children, join the family business and become the third generation of the family to run the farm on a daily basis.

Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen is brought under the management of the Carter family, strengthening the links between homegrown and handmade.

Sprouts Play Barn

Recognising a need to nourish the imagination of our 'little sprouts' we built an enormous play barn for them to be free range!

Farmyard Golf

Our tee-riffic 18 hole farm themed adventure golf course opens! Designed for all players no matter your age or ability.